Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My kittie helper

I'm so jealous of etsy shops that say: From a pet and smoke free environment.

I try my hardest to keep my animals away from my projects but I fail miserably every time.

I put my yarn into gallon size Ziplock bags when I get them. I pull the end from the bag and store it in the bag. I put the finished projects into Rubbermaid bins.

Then I realize I am not as fastidious as I think I am and realize I have a handful of UFO (Un-Finished Objects) that sit on the table when I get up to refill my tea cup or sit on my lap when I get distracted watching a tv show......and guess who sits with me while I watch tv? My foreman: Rumble, my tabby. And to keep things fair, his sister, Tootsie, is sitting on the adjacent loveseat.....she doesn't like me much, she's a total daddy's girl.

A few weeks ago my mom was over hanging out and laughed out loud when she saw me chasing Rumble though the house, first thru the den then the dining room trying to retrieve my WIP (Work In Progress) that he had attacked---through the Ziplock bag and ran away with, out of my hands, crochet hook included. Apparently he was very attracted to the ball of yarn spinning inside the bag.

I love my kitties (even Tootsie who has all but stolen my boyfriend away from me), but I do not love taking tweezers to every finished project to collect any stray hairs of mine and kittie fur. Oh well, its a trade-off for the excellent supervision I get from my foreman.

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