Sunday, January 13, 2013


I'm so proud of myself. After spending most of the day out in the garage cleaning it with my mom (over 35 years of our family history in there, plus all the random relatives we've had living with us here), and we got rid of 3 trash cans worth of junk and 2 car fulls of items donated to the thrift store (and I have a CR-V!)

At one point I looked across the street and saw a cute kittie I'd never seen around the neighborhood, I called out to it and she came right over (looking both ways before crossing--not kidding). The poor thing was so tiny compared to my two turkey cats and seemed friendly enough, she rubbed against me and let me pick her up so I brought out a bag of treats and gave her some, she ate half the bag so my mom suggested that I give her wet food. She DEVOURED the entire can barely taking a breathe between chomps. I texted my boyfriend (at the time on the first thrift store run) and he said, give her a second can--its cool.

So we let her hang out in the fenced part of the yard while we continued on the garage and she was so cute and friendly we finally let her come in (separated from the other animals for safety reasons). We took her to the vet to check if she was chipped and of course she isn't, so she's still with us tonite. The sweetest cat I've taken care of in years, mine don't like being held and only want love on their terms, but otherwise well trained. Tomorrow we're planning on putting up FOUND posters and checking with the local cat rescue group to find a home for her. We would love to keep her but its complicated. So for now, she's in the man cave in her very own kittie bed with her own food/water/litter box and lots of love.


Back to my original post!

Yesterday I was complaining about the abundance of WIPs in my house, well tonite I bagged all of them except for the project I was actively working on and put them all away. It was a relief to only see one thing in front of me and I actually got to the last two rows of it and realized I needed another skein of that yarn, oh well, this is what always happens. Back to Michaels! But I really love this pattern that I'm adapting my project from. I'm going to do a series of these "infinity scoodies" and make them a staple in my shop---photos tomorrow after I get it all done :)

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