Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new year, maybe some optimism?

I've never been accused of being an optimist---not even as a young human child, but I feel like this year is a turning point for me. I'll be turning 30 at the end of the year and that's the whole return of Saturn phase. (The planet Saturn will be in the same position as it was during my birth) and it has a lot of significance.

I want to actually use my blog to post my random musings and lots of my craft projects. I'll be going thru some of my old projects and posting them with how I made them and how I wish I could improve upon them.

I also want to keep better track of how I spend my days, I frequently feel like my life is flying by but that I'm not getting nearly enough accomplished.

Today I woke up (after a couple of hours or rest, not sleep exactly) to some of my closest friends in various states of hangover/sleep. We hung out and then made a big breakfast buffet for everyone to share (delicious bacon and kielbasa egg scramble, some apple slices, toast, day old Starbucks muffins/pastries courtesy of a barista sleepover guest, and milk/juice/coffee. 

Once everyone left my coworker/good friend L and my amazingly sweet and tolerant boyfriend decided they wanted to go to the L.A. Zoo so we took off and within an hour we were checking out the zebras, lemurs and more birds that I could count!

We finished the day with dinner at BJs Brewery after having false starts at several highly Urbanspoon/Yelp recommended places that were closed due to the holiday. Lots of yummy foods were consumed but my favorite is always the Pazookie (a freshly baked cookie of your choice in a small pizza pie pan (mine was about 4 inches in diameter) with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream melting on top of it.

Light-hearted conversations all day and no stress or hurrying to make a deadline made for a great first day of the year! I will make a conscience effort to have more fun, light-hearted days this year and less stress filled, I hate everything days.

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