Monday, April 30, 2012


I finally got my business cards designed today!!! I've been kicking around ideas for months and months now and for the last week have been on various design websites trying to create the perfect image/layout and after a lot of headaches and several occurrences where I had to storm out of the room--away from the laptop--I figured it all out and in less than two weeks I'll have my beautiful business cards in my hands. I'll post them as soon as possible. 

I ordered them from VistaPrint (but completely custom designed them) and instead of paying $8 for shipping, I ordered a $7 canvas bag which brought my total high enough to get free shipping---same total cost but now I get a bag with my logo :)

Just one more step towards legit business instead of fun hobby. I'm not gonna stop either way but I'd love to make enough money from this to quit my day jobs (which I probably wouldn't do either but maybe I could quit one of them) or at least take a great vacation from my earnings.

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