Saturday, April 28, 2012


UFOs are least at my house. In the crafter's world UFOs are Un-Finished Objects. I must have at least a dozen on-going projects in various states of completion. Some are waiting on more yarn or specific notion but most are just waiting...and waiting. 

I hate having so many unfinished things. Its like the island of misfit toys, each project waiting patiently in its own gallon ziploc bag. 

I was super proud of myself this past week (in honor of Earth Day) when I went through all-and I mean ALL--of my old yarn scraps and either used them to make cup/fruit cozies or wound them into two large balls so I can finally add to my second scrap blanket. The first one found a great home on the bed of a friend who has recently moved away to college. Hopefully this one (when finished soon!) will find a good home with my younger cousin when he decides to go to college....hopefully this fall, who knows. I just want him to do something that will make him happy and keep him busy. 

I digress, these UFOs are slowly making their way to the finished project bin, which in turn need to be photographed so they can make their way into my etsy shop : and hopefully get sold and make it to their final destination, a loving home. 

......or at least a home that isn't mine, my bins are overflowing with finished projects!

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